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Store e-commerce module

Yesterday, add-on developer Exp-resso released Store, another offering for doing e-commerce on ExpressionEngine.

Two years ago we had very few options for e-commerce. Other than the Simple Commerce Module we didn’t even have a solution that worked with and inside of ExpressionEngine. In the last year and a half we’ve seen a mini explosion of options, like Cartthrob (released last April) and BrillianRetail, which was released earlier this year .

So, while they felt it necessary to explain why you might need another e-commerce app for ExpressionEngine, I don’t think there’s any explaining to do. There’s room for more, and the more options we have, the better. We now have three robust e-commerce options. That’s hardly too many.

One of the marketing points of Store is ease of use. From their write-up:

We also felt that the template tags should be easy to learn and remember. For this reason, we have only 7 tags to learn, and most sites will only need to use 3-4 of these. We have also included a full set of example templates with the install, which you can use as a basis for your checkout process.

Just like with, for example, Cartthrob, Store is fully integrated into ExpressionEngine and uses Channel Entries to store your products. It also includes support for inventory management (pretty cool).

This release is a paid beta ($20) but they consider is stable and production-ready.

Posted on Jul 26, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: E-commerce, EE Add-ons, EE Modules