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A Blast from the Past: EE and E-commerce

Oh, how far we’ve come. Not just in the EE world just also in what’s available for e-commerce.

This post from the first day of EE Insider, about 7 ½ years ago, asks how you do e-commerce on EE? I offered up two options. Now we have a half dozen.

From E-commerce with ExpressionEngine:

It’s a popular question on the forums: How can I do e-commerce with ExpressionEngine?

The only built-in way to do e-commerce is using the Simple Commerce Module (SCM), a first-party module from EllisLab. This method is, of course, limited to using PayPal as a payment gateway and some clients are hesitant to do that because they (incorrectly) perceive PayPal to be an amateur solution and not secure. Also, SCM has limited functionality; it’s called Simple Commerce Module for a reason.

This is pre-CartThrob, pre-Store, pre-Brilliant Retails, and even pre-Stripe.

Posted on Aug 20, 2015 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: E-commerce