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ExpressionEngine Video Tutorials

Watch me as I build an entire site step-by-step or explain an EE development concept or technique. Some of the videos are free to download and share, while others are published through the Pragmatic Programmers as part of a very popular EE training series.

Learn ExpressionEngine Today

Over a series of 8 videos, watch and learn as Ryan builds an entire ExpressionEngine website from beginning to end. Get started now.

ExpressionEngine Add-on Tutorial

ExpressionEngine Add-on Developer of the Year* Lodewijk Schutte teaches you how he develops his award-winning plugins, modules and extensions. In more than one hour of video, Low walks you step-by-step through his add-on development process.

Here’s a preview:

You can watch the entire ExpressionEngine add-on development tutorial by purchasing it from Mijingo.

Quick Look at Seed Module by SquareBit

Previously, I mentioned the Seed Module by SquareBit, which allows you easily populate Channels with dummy content for testing. Here’s a quick look at the module and how it works.

The module is free and available from the SquareBit website.

Quick Look at EE 2.5 Rich Text Editor

Follow along in this silent video as a test out the new rich text editor in ExpressionEngine 2.5. I’ve only played with the basics so but it seems like a nice, simple editor that outputs good HTML.




Removing index.php from ExpressionEngine

Part of the EllisLab how-to video library

A 2-minute demonstration on how to remove the index.php file from your ExpressionEngine site.


Quick Look Video: LiveReload

In this 5 minute screencast I look at the LiveReload application for Mac OS X. LiveReload is a utility app that allows you to get an automatic preview of the templates (or directory of files) you’re working on in your preferred browser. It also supports preprocessing and running Terminal commands before reloading. In this video, I walk through the basic use of LiveReload by editing an ExpressionEngine template and also how you can use with other tools, like Jekyll.

Originally posted to the Mijingo blog.

Emergency Control Panel Log in Process

Part of the EllisLab how-to video library.

Sometimes you forget your credentials to the ExpressionEngine Control Panel and need a way to log in when resetting your password via email fails. Watch this short video from EllisLab to learn how.

Renaming System Folder in ExpressionEngine

Part of the EllisLab how-to video library.

This EllisLab support video shows you how to change your system folder name.

Find Server Path in ExpressionEngine

Part of the EllisLab how-to video library.

“This video will show you how to find your full server path and other vital PHP information, all from within the ExpressionEngine control panel.”

First Look: Assets

This is a short First Look video at the new file manager Assets by Pixel & Tonic.

In this video I walk through basic use of the module and field type to manage images in the Channel University website we build in my Learning ExpressionEngine 2 video tutorials.

Download Video: MOV

Download this video and other ExpressionEngine training videos at Mijingo.

Upgrading ExpressionEngine 2

Don’t take a chance when upgrading to a new build or version of ExpressionEngine. Watch this free 16 minute video and follow along for best practices and documentation of the official upgrade steps.

The video covers three different parts of upgrading: Prepare, Update and Test. We talk about backing up your database and files, uploading a new version of EE2 and testing to make sure your site is working properly.

We took the official documentation for updating ExpressionEngine and turned it into an easily digestible video that you can always refer back to when it

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