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Vector Media Group Acquires CartThrob

It was soft announced a couple days ago in the ExpressionEngine Slack account (and on Twitter) but it’s now official: CartThrob is saved.

From the blog post from Vector:

We’ve got some exciting news: Vector is now the proud owner of the #1 ExpressionEngine eCommerce add-on, CartThrob!

For years, CartThrob has been our choice for implementing eCommerce on ExpressionEngine sites we’ve built for clients. We’re fans of its flexibility, data model, usage of native EE concepts like channel fields, and extensibility. We loved that no matter what a client needed, CartThrob could do it — including custom (and complex!) tax and shipping rules. We’ve also used CartThrob’s amazing API to integrate with every acronym you can imagine: CRMs, ERPs, DAMs, PIMs, and fulfillment vendors like warehouses and logistics providers.

Among the acquisition package is CT Admin and a handful of other add-ons.

Vector is a great company and employs a former developer of CartThrob and other add-ons. I’m sure this will be a good future for the e-commerce add-on.

Posted on Jul 24, 2015 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EE Add-ons