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EE Harbor Acquires Pixel & Tonic Add-ons

The add-ons that paved the way for so many others:

  • Playa
  • Matrix
  • Assets
  • Wygwam
  • Field Pack

are now owned by EE Harbor.

From the Pixel & Tonic announcement:

Pixel & Tonic is best known for Craft CMS these days, but before Craft, we made a name for ourselves writing add-ons for ExpressionEngine. These add-ons are widely considered to be some of the best to ever grace the platform, and they’ve been influential across the entire EE add-on ecosystem—and even the CMS itself.

Over the years, we’ve continued to maintain and support them. But as Craft grows it’s getting harder and harder for us to find the time, especially for major efforts like porting them to EE 3. Frankly they deserve better than we can offer anymore.

It should be a smooth transition for current licensees, with support being handled immediately by the EE Harbor team (read their announcement for more details).

Posted on Jul 18, 2016 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EE Add-ons, News