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New Add-on: moreEvents

The folks at UK shop moresoda released a new event management add-on today called moreEvents. Chris Imrie sent me an email with information about the add-on:

It’s a complete event management module for EE that lets you sell tickets and manage events through your website. It includes built in payment processing, attendee information capture, earlybird pricing, member group pricing and more.

The add-on also uses regular ol’ EE templates and extends the ExpressionEngine Channel Entries tag pair. Chris sent me a copy of the add-on to play around with and when I do I’ll share more thoughts here.

Also, be sure to read the payment gateway requirements before installing.

The moreEvents add-on is available from Devot:ee for $65.

Posted on Feb 15, 2012 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EE Add-ons, EE Extensions, EE Fieldtypes, EE Modules