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MojoMotor Roundup

MojoMotorThere has been a lot of activity in the MojoMotor world since the software was released last month. Add-ons, community websites and websites built with MojoMotor have all surfaced.

Here’s a roundup of some of what has been going on.

There’s also been good activity in the MojoMotor Forums and even on Twitter. There’s even been a little controversy with some people complaining that MojoMotor add-ons are too expensive and some others calling people who think add-ons should be free “idiots” (probably not the best idea since some of those “idiots” might be your future “customers”). Hug it out, everyone.

As I mentioned when MojoMotor launched, I’ve been using it to power my ExpressionEngine 2 book website. I have a very simple implementation but with the add-ons mentioned above, you can already create more complex website with MojoMotor.

New to MojoMotor? Learn more at the MojoMotor website.

Posted on Aug 19, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: MojoMotor

runaway09:11 on 08.24.2010

mojo looks great, but ee 2 would be have that… I dont know if mojo can be works for a big site… but for a simple site looks great, I want test.

Bob13:07 on 08.24.2010

Seriously they should be careful about calling potential customers idiots. Let’s say no one was buying your add-on and a few people who were interested said it was too expensive. You call them idiots, you lost the few people who found the add-on on their own, and you have to work harder to get new customers or to get those former potential customers back if you decide to lower prices.

If add-ons are too expensive, just don’t use them. I thought MojoMotor was all about being small and simple, why burden it with add-ons?