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CodeIgniter and MojoMotor Workshops

Thomas Myer Workshops

Thomas Myer is offering two different workshops next month; the first is on CodeIgniter and the second is on our new little brother, MojoMotor.

The CodeIgniter workshop is a high-level overview of CI and takes place over the course of 3 hours. At the end of the session you should be able to build a very simple CI application. Thomas wrote a great book on CodeIgniter (it’s the one I bought and sits on the bookshelf in my office), so you couldn’t ask for a better teacher.

The second session covers MojoMotor development. This isn’t about how to build a website with MojoMotor but instead how to developer extensions (add-ons) for it. This class does ask that you come with an “understanding of CodeIgniter and OO PHP in order to get anything out of this class.”

Early bird tickets are on sale now for the classes, both of which take place on September 13, 2010.

Posted on Aug 04, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: CodeIgniter, MojoMotor, Training

J23:29 on 08.04.2010

How could you say that Myers book is good?
Its a book about PHP programming and for that its quite good but its obvious that he is not into the framework. This book could be about any other framework or no framework at all.
For me it shouldn’t have the word CodeIgniter in the title.