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Derek Allard on MojoMotor Launch

Today Derek Allard posted to the MojoMotor blog with his thoughts on the warm welcome that his little CMS has received. In response to the myriad of add-ons and resources available, he wrote:

Stunning. Believe me when I say that I know how good we have it. Let me re-iterate here. MojoMotor isn’t even a week old. And like any new product, you expect a few bugs to get found. Mojo is of course not exempt, but what is telling is the reaction. People wanted to help fix them, and help make MojoMotor better. Videos were made, code was examined - it makes me proud to be involved.

In case you haven’t heard, MojoMotor is a “publishing engine that does less” and was launched last week. It is available for $49.95 per site license and a great way to manage small sites that don’t require a blog or larger CMS (like ExpressionEngine). Last week, I posted a video of MojoMotor and showed how it runs my book marketing website.

Read Derek’s entire blog post: MojoMotor the one week reflection

Posted on Aug 04, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

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