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TextMate Bundle for MojoMotor

The popular Mac text editor TextMate may never see an update but at least people are still creating useful bundles that make using the abandonware even easier.

Ed Finkler (affectionately known as “funkatron” on the Twitters) created a TextMate bundle for MojoMotor templates and markup. Version 0.1 was released back in June and you can grab the bundle from GitHub. (Psssst, Ed, make a proper download under the Downloads section on GitHub. It’s easier for non-GitHubbians to grab the bundle). I still use the original TextMate bundle for EE template code and add-on development. Has anyone created EE 2 version of those?

It’s a free download: MojoMotor TextMate bundle

Posted on Sep 23, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: Development Tools, MojoMotor

Gordon08:13 on 09.30.2010

I am working on an EE2 bundle right now, should have it out in the next week or two.