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How do you handle one off pages?

Philip Zaengle asked this on Twitter, and I thought it’d be good to hear how people handle this on their sites.

Typically, I would use Low Variables for something like a homepage, or the Pages module for a generic page.

There is also the Single Entry plugin that handles channels that are specifically meant to contain one entry.

Or, of course there is Structure for using the page based approach to managing your ExpressionEngine content.

What about you, how do you handle one off pages in ExpressionEngine?

Posted on Jan 23, 2013 by Kyle Cotter

Filed Under: News

Kevin Barr17:04 on 01.23.2013

I like Single Entry, as I can still set it up as a channel and use all of the same channel fields and template.

derek allard17:12 on 01.23.2013

I’ve been using Structure for nearly all projects now which makes this very simple.  Just create a new template and typically for one offs (home page, etc.) I tend to rely on Structure’s Assets feature to pull in this one off content as needed.

Brett Burwell10:08 on 01.24.2013

+1 for Viget Labs’ Single Entry. It integrates really seamlessly and logically into my typical setup, and seems intuitive for clients too.