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EE Podcast Rebrands, Widens Focus

In a bold move, the EE Podcast (which I started back in 1901, I mean 2009) announced they are rebranding to cover a wider range of topics for web designers and developers.

From the transcript of Episode 100 of the EE Podcast:

After three years, 100 episodes, one live show and .net magazine accolades, Lea and I have decided to make some changes with this Podcast.

So this 100th episode is the last EE Podcast. We are rebranding the podcast as the CTRL+CLICK CAST and expanding our programming format to talk about other content management systems as well as industry culture, business practices and web design and development techniques.

Lea and Emily were kind of enough to ask me to be the final guest on the podcast. We had a good time talking about the past episodes and noted some of favorites (my favorite was when we had Rick Ellis on). I really enjoyed doing the EE Podcast back before I handed it over to Lea in 2011.

When you cover a niche, focused topic like ExpressionEngine it is difficult to continuously come up with new content, angles, ideas and topics over a several year run of a podcast (not to mention for a site like this).

And, you know, we all change during those years. Our work changes, our lives change, the stuff we care the most about changes. Sometimes more than one solution floats our boat and we want to talk about that, too.

Emily and Lea face so many things in their day-to-day lives of working on their business together outside of ExpressionEngine that I think it would be crazy for them not to reflect on those, share them, and use a podcast a way to help others. I’m happy they’re making the switch and I encouraged them both to do it when they asked me several weeks ago.

I’ve always been one to change my situation if I don’t like the freedom and enjoyment it allows me. I’m glad they did the same.

The good news is you’ll still be able to keep up with the new podcast right here at EE Insider. Emily and Lea will keep contributing updates when they release a new show. I hope you subscribe and tune in.

Posted on Aug 12, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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