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ExpressionEngine E-Commerce Comparison Chart

Speaking of comparison charts, Exp:resso put together a comparison chart of e-commerce options on ExpressionEngine.

The apps covered in the chart are: their own Exp:resso Store, Cartthrob, and BrilliantRetail. It is a comprehensive chart and even includes Buy Now links at the bottom for each add-on.


Posted on Apr 30, 2012 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: E-commerce, EE Add-ons

Euan05:04 on 05.01.2012

A truly fantastic comparison chart. Very indepth and what appears to be a honest comparison between the options.

I’d like to know what the different colour ticks represent?

Dave02:22 on 05.02.2012

Thanks Euan! Sorry we should have included a key - the orange tick just means ‘limited’. A question mark means we couldn’t confirm it yet (but will hopefully update soon)

Ryan01:30 on 05.03.2012

I second that Euan, a very good comparison chart indeed. Subscriptions are currently in beta for CartThrob which we’re currently testing, so it might be worth adding an orange tick for that one too.

dave03:41 on 05.03.2012

Thanks Ryan, and yes we’re aware of the CT subscriptions module, should be released soon. I think BR are developing subscriptions too. We only want the chart to reflect the currently available versions though so will only change once its out of beta grin


Ryan04:09 on 05.03.2012

No problem thanks Dave. They all seem to be innovating nicely which is great for us developers!

Euan05:08 on 05.03.2012

Dave, I fully agree with your comments that it should reflect the current available version. If you didn’t do that you could potentially have an extensive list of other features that could be months (or years!) away from release.

From the point of view of someone who buys add-ons for use within my own sites (I’m not a designer/developer - only an EE hobbyist) these comparison charts are fantastic resources.

James Wong22:58 on 05.03.2012

For me the amount of payment processors win, being located in Asia, it’s hard to find US companies that support anything around here.

Dave23:01 on 05.03.2012

Good point James, however with all 3 options its relatively easy to support new payment gateways, so that shouldn’t be the deciding factor

James Wong23:11 on 05.03.2012

True but after doing complicated integration with other addons such as Matrix, Playa, CE Cache, SafeCracker, Social Login etc.. If a ready-made addon can help the developer save 1 more day, which one do you think is he going for?

But yeah, you are right, it shouldn’t be a deciding factor. Ease of implementation, templating, system flexibility etc… plays a bigger role. If we save time there then we can afford that 1 day.

Josh12:41 on 05.07.2012

Obviously a great comparison chart.  One item that I always check when comparing software is what’s the average support request response time. 

I do this by browsing the support forums, so it’s not scientific, but you could get averages over the past 60 days or so.

Dave16:52 on 05.07.2012

Good idea Josh - although don’t really have time to do this right now - feel free to look at the ES, BR and CT forums and report back with averages though - pretty sure we’d win hands down grin

dhea 100mg11:28 on 04.24.2013

nice me two dave!!!