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Ask the Readers: Your Default Add-Ons

Ask the Readers Friend of the site Kenny Meyers brought up an interesting question via Twitter last night that I thought would make a good “Ask the Readers” question:

Kenny asks:

Now is a good time to ask: What are your EE2 add-on defaults?

So, readers, if I may borrow his question and ask it in a different venue: What are the EE2 add-ons you always install every time you set up EE?. For me, it’s Textile and not much else, though I rarely get through a site without purchasing and installing Matrix, so that one may as well be a default for me. What about you?

Posted on Feb 02, 2011 by Brian Warren

Filed Under: Ask the Readers

Steven Hambleton08:47 on 02.02.2011

Structure and Wygwam all the way. I’ll soon be making Safe Harbor and Custom System Messages default too.

Chris08:48 on 02.02.2011

Here is my list:
- User
- Matrix
- Channel Images

All four solve a particular issue.

Erik Reagan10:20 on 02.02.2011

I just started with 2.x so my list hasn’t changed much yet. In terms of default I have very few. Brace yourselves. They are:

Matrix (99% of the time)
Minimee (only used once, but I can’t imagine not using it going forward)

That’s it. Aside from some privately developed add-ons that I use in all projects at least. I would be silly to mention those though.

Ian Ebden10:47 on 02.02.2011

Essentials would have to be:
- Freeform
- CP Analytics

I’ll also give some love to:
- User
- Matrix
- Wygwam

If we’re talking plugins, I’m partial to:
- ED Image Sizer
- TruncHTML

brad12:24 on 02.02.2011

- <a >matrix</a>
- <a >playa</a>
- <a >low-reorder</a>
- <a >missing-link</a>
- <a >freeform</a>
- <a >low-seg2cat</a>
- <a >anti-pink</a>
- <a >nsm-morphine-cp-them</a>
- <a >lg-addon-updater</a>
- <a >cp-analytics</a>
- <a >usability</a>
- <a >draggable</a>
- <a >mx-title-control</a>
- <a >pt-switch</a>
- <a >image-sizer</a>
- <a >find-and-replace</a>

brad12:27 on 02.02.2011

oops. That first one is structure.

outline401:41 on 02.03.2011

Almost on every new EE2 install:
pt-field pack
nsm transplant
nsm publish hints
simple math

from now and then:
structure (in fact it almost becomes a standard)
mega upload
low variables

what I would install:
add-on auto update
html table generator
form generator

what I don’t install anymore (ever - again):
wygwam or any other wysiwyg editor -
although wygwam is certainly my fav… there’s just too much errors… smartdown is a bliss!

Tim Print17:57 on 02.03.2011

ed image sizer
ih textile helper

They’re the only every timers.

There’s rarely a build that wouldn’t be easier with Matrix though.