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ExpressionEngine 2012 Wishlist Feedback

Yesterday I asked you for your wishes for ExpressionEngine in 2012. The feedback is mixed (keep it coming!) but there was more than one mention of easier upgrades and a one-click update process (like WordPress).

As is usually the case with software, I’m sure this is easier said than done but I agree that it needs to be done. I sincerely hope that this will be on the radar for the EllisLab development in the coming year (and hopefully before EE3).

Posted on Jan 07, 2012 by Ryan Irelan

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Spamschlucker08:15 on 01.08.2012

I also wished this (whatever you may mean with “in the coming year”), but I think it’s also a strategic decision:
If you offer a 1-click-upgrade the support-forums will explode if something goes wrong. When I now make the painful-upgrade-process, I am aware that I have to backup my database, that I have to check all addons immediately after upgrading etc. So I FEEL that I am responsible for what I am doing. With a 1-click-upgrade-system I feel that EE is responsible when something goes wrong.

Todd Douglas08:50 on 01.10.2012

Native and intuitive capability for clients to drag and drop the order of channel entries on a single (not paginated) list.

Simon14:44 on 01.10.2012

The ability to assign a field to multiple field groups (as per the ‘Gypsy’ addon for EE 1.x). The ability to assign a member to more than one member group. Multiple relationships.

Brandon Richards16:02 on 01.11.2012

I’d personally like a built-in way handle https/http and all aspects of securing a template, or a channel.

Better way to handle files of non-image type, and to disable thumbnail generation(to save disk space) as that isn’t always necessary.

Upgrades in a barebones version, rather than the current process with all files replaced. For instance, I never used these smileys but yet they come by default in the package and so on. Make it lighter.

Better integration of the File Manager permissions with the User Groups (or custom groups). Currently I have to create the custom group then remember to go to the file manager to allow them access to specific folders. Would be nice to have it all in one place at creation of the group.

A more intuitive way to handle channel posts and ‘pages’

ward smith07:59 on 01.12.2012

ability to handle more complex data. Playa is, to say the least, fantastic, but what if you need to go three levels deep, or four? it could even open up a new publish screen for n level drill downs during data entry.

related to that, it would be fantastic if EE could support the implementation of professional level metadata standards (think, an ee version of DACS or CDWA, for example). it would open up a huge new market and many archivists and librarians would be very happy. As things stand, EE is in the “almost” category.