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Ask the Readers: When do you upgrade?

Ask the Readers Last week I wrote my opinion on the recent EE2 release issues and recommended that those who are gun shy to wait until upgrading.

Some readers shared their thoughts but I want to ask everyone: do you upgrade to each new build or release immediately or wait?

Share you thoughts and experience upgrading in the comments.

Posted on Apr 19, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: Ask the Readers

Erik Reagan09:13 on 04.19.2011

I rarely upgrade “immediately” with any software. Mainly because we schedule tasks out in advance and it’s not common for a software release to be so urgent that I must drop everything and work on it.

In general I’ve found it to be a good practice to wait on software updates. It’s one place I’m not eager to be an “early adopter” so-to-say. I have the same attitude with upgrading my iPhone software, mobile apps, desktop apps etc.

No developer (or person for that matter) is infallible. I like to see what kinks are discovered before diving in.

(And even when I do dive in to new releases, it’s in a local environment where I’m not risking anything other than time if something gets broken.)

Nico De Gols09:14 on 04.19.2011

I install every new release as soon as it’s released to test compatibility with my addons. Then if i’m confident enough it’s a stable release, i upgrade a project site locally to see if it holds up and deploy to the live server.

AJP09:24 on 04.19.2011

I wait until I get a chance to backup the site, test updates locally or on development server, test add-on updates. If it passes, then deploy changes on live. But generally it’s at least a week or two after an updated build comes out.

If it’s a site currently in development, then I update as soon as possible, barring any add-on issues.

Bj14:32 on 04.19.2011

Same here .. pretty much immediately locally on the dev server and then on production for projects under development as soon as I’m fairly confident the release is OK grin

Ian Ebden05:18 on 04.20.2011

Call me gun shy

Juan09:06 on 04.20.2011

I used to trust the latest upgrades but after having a major crisis for a bug that was fixed 4 or 5 days later I learned my lesson: I read the posts in the forums and when the problems stop appearing, then I upgrade. I love EE but they have a long way yet to deliver stable upgrades… but I guess I love (respect) even more the brave ones who end up upgrading first.

Spamschlucker16:19 on 04.20.2011

I am waiting a couple of days at least.

Want to remind you that in Wordpress you always can press the “upgrade automatically”-button immediately after a new update is out, and it NEVER comes to problems (not even with plugins).


bluedreamer13:09 on 04.21.2011

I’m usually in the “wait a while” camp before upgrading.

The only exceptions being if I’ve been beta testing and it’s one of my own sites, in which case I might feel more confident!