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A Thank You

We are in our fifth year of EE Insider, after the site launched in January of 2009. In Internet years we’re aging. But with the update to EE2 and a planned refresh of the site design, we’re planning to be here, in some form or another, for much longer.

I want to thank the advertisers on the site who help, along with the readers and the community, to make keep this thing running:

  • Structure - Travis has built the easiest way to allow your clients to manage pages (with hierarchy) in ExpressionEngine. I love Structure and use it on
  • Pixel & Tonic - The longest running advertiser on the site and well-known for the add-ons Assets, Playa, Matrix and Wygwam. They make some of the hottest add-ons for ExpressionEngine.
  • Solspace - By far, Solspace has the largest catalog of EE add-ons and is one of the original add-on developers. When an add-on comes from Solspace, you can trust that it’s going to work and that you’ll get the support you need. Their Freeform Pro module makes it simple to create forms for your website.
  • Vector Media Group - Based in New York City, they are not only experts (and leaders) on ExpressionEngine, they are also experts in SEO. Matt, Lee, and the entire team at Vector Media Group are a valuable part of our community.

EngineHosting provides EE Insider with their fast and reliable hosting services. For a long time I ran this site on a virtual server I built and managed. That was a pain. I’m so happy to have the nice people at EngineHosting take care of this for me now. Check out their new Virtual Server Cluster plans, which start at $45/month and SSH access for basic tasks.

Posted on Jun 22, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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andiefairlie11:12 on 06.22.2013

Here’s to another 5. If I may provide some feedback to the site: I would like to see more voices from agencies, dev shops and even users about ExpressionEngine. Tricks we can deploy, discussion about best practises and detailed reviews about third party addons. A Smashing Magazine about ExpressionEngine.

Keep up the good work Ryan + the team.

ryanirelan07:44 on 06.23.2013

Thank you! I agree on the topics and content you propose. Much of that is very difficult to pull off as a one-person operation but the How-to section I have now definitely needs to be filled out more.

I like the idea of giving the voice to even more agencies and dev shops. Are you suggesting having them as guest authors and/or interview subjects?