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Upcoming EE Conferences

Our community is fortunate to have a growing selection of conferences geared towards ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter. I want to bring to your attention two conferences that might interest you (and where I’ll be speaking).

EE Roadshow

In its second year, the EE Roadshow will be held in Seattle on Friday October 2, 2009. Here’s their pitch to you:

Come and learn, share your stories and be a part of the growing community of passionate ExpressionEngine users. The demand for ExpressionEngine sites is growing, and in just one day you can become a better developer or a more efficient user.

I will one of a handful of speakers at the conference, which includes EllisLab President Leslie Camacho who will speak on “EE 2.0 & The Future of Content Management Systems.”

Until August 7th you can purchase a ticket for only $199, which includes breakfast, lunch and an after party.

I hope to see you in Seattle in October!

EECI 2009

I’m also pleased to be speaking at EECI 2009, the first ExpressionEngine CodeIgniter conference being held in Leiden, The Netherlands.

The conference takes place from October 22-23 2009. The first day will be packed with talks from some really great minds in the community. I’m humbled to be among them, for sure. The second day will be filled with nine different workshops to help you fine tune your EE or CI skills.

I think the early bird discount expired today, but there’s still room to register, so please consider coming!

Posted on Jul 31, 2009 by Ryan Irelan

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ramonekalsaw22:57 on 07.31.2009

Why is the Road Show so expensive?