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ExpressionEngine Conference 2016

The latest installment of the ExpressionEngine Conference takes place October 2-4, 2016 in Detroit, MI.

The schedule is packed full of talks on how to better work with ExpressionEngine and in your business.

Early bird registration is before September 1st and you’ll save $50 off the two day admission.

Posted on Aug 29, 2016 by Ryan Irelan

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Ryan Talking CMSes on A List Apart: On Air

This coming Tuesday, August 25, 2015, I’ll be live as part of the ALA: On Air online event series. This event will cover CMSes; learn what we’re excited about, what we love, what drives us crazy, and some things we’ve learned along the way.

CMSes help and hinder; they inspire rapture and incite table-flipping. I’m thrilled to moderate the next ALA: On Air event, where Karen McGrane, Jeff Eaton, and Ryan Irelan will join me to discuss what they love about working in CMSes (administrative UX!), what drives them to frustration (decoupling!), and what meaty problems (integration with design systems!) they hope to dive into next.

The event will stream online (via Google Hangouts) and is completely, 100% free.

Learn more about the On Air event and then register for the event.

See you there!

Posted on Aug 23, 2015 by Ryan Irelan

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MojoMotor Now Deemed a Legacy Product

MojoMotor, the light CMS released by EllisLab in 2010, is now officially nearing end of life. Today at the ExpressionEngine Conference in Alexandria, VA, EllisLab announced that the product was no longer being actively developed and had one year of support left.

I don’t think anyone is surprised by this. Derek Jones even said as much at last year’s EE conference.

MojoMotor was announced with great fanfare at the EECI conference in June 2010.

Posted on Oct 06, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

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ExpressionEngine Conference 2014 Coming Up Soon

We are less than 2 months away from the 2014 ExpressionEngine Conference in Alexandria, VA. It takes place October 5-7.

I attended An Event Apart in Alexandria a few years ago and it’s a great place to have a conference. Old Town Alexandria is filled with places to eat and drink. Looks like the hotel has some nice views of the Potomac, too!

The conference will feature more than 20 speakers covering topics from building add-ons to building a business.

Registration is open for both individuals and agencies. $495 gets you in the door for the event plus all of the recorded sessions.

Posted on Aug 22, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

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EE Conference Adds Agency Package

EE Conference recently added a new way that your agency can send a few people as attendees and sponsor the conference. The Agency Package consists of 3 conference tickets, a private Sunday night dinner, full conference access (including recordings) and 5 entries into the Best of Show awards. In addition, you get a conference sponsorship slot (which ends up only costing $500).

The package costs $2000 and is a great way to send a few people and support the conference.

Posted on May 27, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

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GeeUp EE Workshop Seats Still Available

ExpressionEngine add-on developer and course author, Low Schutte is teaching a full day workshop on ExpressionEngine add-on development at his GeeUp Conference this coming June (that’s only a month away!).

Lodewijk “Low” Schutte will explain the thought process behind building an ExpressionEngine add–on. What choices have to be made, what resources can be used and how to write clean and efficient code. You’ll build an add–on from scratch, covering the not just the basics, but more advanced topics as well.

There will be a lunch provided and it will take place in the beautiful city of Leiden in The Netherlands.

Learn more and register now while there are still spots available.

Posted on May 01, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

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EE Conference Lineup Announced

The speaker lineup for the 2014 ExpressionEngine Conference has been announced. The complete list is on the speaker page.

It is highlighted by some notable speakers that are from outside the ExpressionEngine community but bring good knowledge to web design and development. This is in keeping with Brad Parscale’s goal of trying to expand the topics at the conference to fit the real world challenges people who use ExpressionEngine face.

The conference takes place in beautiful Alexandria, VA October 5-7, 2014.

If you buy a ticket now you’ll also get access to the videos from last year’s conference. This perk will “go away soon” according to a tweet from the conference organizers.

Posted on May 01, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

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ExpressionEngine Conference Early Bird Tickets Available

May 15, 2014. That’s the deadline for purchasing your ExpressionEngine Conference early bird tickets.

A conference ticket will get you admission to all tracks and panels, access to recordings of session, lunch and refreshments, and more. Last year’s event was a blast.

The conference is October 5-7, 2014 in beautiful Alexandria, VA at the Crowne Plaza in Old Town Alexandria.

Have you been to Alexandria before? I attended An Event Apart there a few years back and it’s wonderful and full of great places to eat and drink.

Posted on Apr 08, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

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Gee Up Conference Announced

Speaking of conferences…

Today Low announced a new conference coming next June: Gee Up. And it’ll be focused on ExpressionEngine.

The conference will take place in June in Leiden, The Netherlands. This is, of course, the same place that the first EECI took place in late 2009 (2009 was a great year for ExpressionEngine).

Posted on Nov 11, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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ExpressionEngine Conference Videos Available

Since the ExpressionEngine Conference wrapped almost a month ago, the team behind the conference has been busy prepping videos of the conference sessions. Every session in the conference was recorded and they are being posted on the ExpressionEngine Conference website for attendees and anyone who wants to purchase them to watch.

The cost to get access to the recorded sessions (not the workshops and classes) is $150. Videos will come in low resolution and HD resolution. New videos are released every week.

Interested? Learn more about After Show Access to the videos.

Posted on Nov 11, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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Ben Croker’s EE Conference Wrap-up

Ben Croker wrote a nice summary of his experience at the ExpressionEngine Conference:

Well the conference was a mega success, from the location to the schedule, the food and facilities and of course the presentations. Also all of the talks were video recorder and should be available soon. Considering it was Brad Parscale’s first time organising a conference he did a tremendous job!!

Read Ben’s entire write-up (and thanks for the compliments on my talk!)

Posted on Oct 27, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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Wrap-up - ExpressionEngine Conference

I had to leave early on the second day of the conference to fly home in time for my wife’s birthday the next day, so I missed the sessions in the second half of the day.

My Day 2 started with an early morning walk to Stumptown Coffee, where I ran into Marcus Neto and Sean Smith. They were enjoying coffee, surrounded by a couple dozen donuts they picked up at Voodoo Donuts. I grabbed a donut for the walk back to the hotel.

Shortly thereafter, I gave a talk on how to improve your clients’ experience with the EE Control Panel. As always, it was an attentive audience, who had questions and feedback.

After that I attended Adrian Macneil’s excellent talk on creating products (Adrian is the guy behind Store, the e-commerce module I use to run Mijingo).

I will restate what others have already said on Twitter and in person: this year’s conference was a huge success. Brad Parscale and his team put on a great event. There was a lot of variety in the program, a solid venue in a great city, and enough food, drink, and snacks to keep everyone going through the days and evenings. It was well-done and everyone could just focus on hanging out, learning, talking, and sharing.

From my point of view, everything went off without a hitch.

Next year, I hope even more people come out to the conference, wherever it’s going to be.

Posted on Oct 17, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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Day 1 Wrap-up - ExpressionEngine Conference

Day 1 of the ExpressionEngine Conference started with Derek Jones giving a keynote on behalf of EllisLab. The entire EllisLab team was present at the conference and participated in the EllisLab Q&A session later in the morning. The day was seasoned with a lot of talks and panels on ExpressionEngine security, burnout, SEO, comparison to other content management systems, business, task management, and more.

The first day wrapped up with individuals grabbing some drinks and conversation at the hotel bar and then everyone gathered at the reception that included plenty of free drink, food and conversation for all attendees. Brad Parscale and team did an excellent job putting people in the same room as food and drink so we could all enjoy a beverage and fill our stomachs without having to splinter off and be scattered across downtown Portland. When I left the reception about 9PM it was still going strong.

Posted on Oct 15, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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Reactions and Thoughts - ExpressionEngine Conference

Here’s a bit from the EE Conference:

Posted on Oct 15, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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EllisLab Q&A Session - ExpressionEngine Conference

Dan Diemer tweeted some of the questions from the EllisLab Q&A session at the EE conference. Follow him on Twitter.

Thanks, Dan!

Posted on Oct 15, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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