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EllisLab announces MojoMotor

Today at the EECI 2010 conference EllisLab announced a new product: MojoMotor. It is a simpler, lightweight content management system which allows you to easily edit and update your site right from the front-end.

Derek Allard played a demo video that quickly ran through all of the functionality of MojoMotor. You can watch part of the video from the EE Insider Twitter feed.

There were no details shared on when MojoMotor would be available but hopefully we will get more updates soon.

From my view, MojoMotor looks like it could be a great solution for blogs and other small content sites. I’m already eyeing as a CMS to replace the EE install powering my small, simple and rarely updated personal site. It’s also a nice solution for those client projects that don’t require a larger application.

Learn more about it at the new MojoMotor website.

Posted on Jun 01, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: Conferences, EECI 2010, EllisLab, MojoMotor

Benjamin Carlson10:00 on 06.01.2010

This seems pretty sweet. Similar to CushyCMS or Perch probably, but hopefully it’ll be better than those two, coming from EllisLab!

Cory Perry04:18 on 06.02.2010

This could be really useful for those small sites where a typical EE installation is just simply overkill. I’ll certainly keep an eye on it.

Brendon Carr05:45 on 06.02.2010

I’d sure be disappointed if this was $49 rather than $29. If MojoMotor’s main competitor will be Perch CMS, which is

Cory Perry05:47 on 06.02.2010

I totally agree that EE2 needs much more attention than launching a “little brother” project.

The Ellis Team certainly need to work on their flagship product and get it to 1.6.9 standards before launching a new product. The new product is great and will likely be pretty successful, but I think more important issues are at hand with EE2 first.

Ryan Irelan05:49 on 06.02.2010

Brendon, EllisLab announced yesterday
that it will be sold for $49.

Brendon Carr05:51 on 06.02.2010

Well, I’m sure it will be worth $49, but seems like a mistake to me. $29 would take it down to “impulse buy” level for a lot of people who might think twice about that higher price point, and allow better competition with WordPress (and bundling with site theme packages like WooThemes).

Joe15:29 on 06.02.2010

This product reminds me of “unify”