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Day 1 Wrap-up - ExpressionEngine Conference

Day 1 of the ExpressionEngine Conference started with Derek Jones giving a keynote on behalf of EllisLab. The entire EllisLab team was present at the conference and participated in the EllisLab Q&A session later in the morning. The day was seasoned with a lot of talks and panels on ExpressionEngine security, burnout, SEO, comparison to other content management systems, business, task management, and more.

The first day wrapped up with individuals grabbing some drinks and conversation at the hotel bar and then everyone gathered at the reception that included plenty of free drink, food and conversation for all attendees. Brad Parscale and team did an excellent job putting people in the same room as food and drink so we could all enjoy a beverage and fill our stomachs without having to splinter off and be scattered across downtown Portland. When I left the reception about 9PM it was still going strong.

Posted on Oct 15, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: Conferences

Bjørn Børresen02:09 on 10.16.2013

Thanks for the interesting posts from the conference, Ryan - keep up the good work! grin