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Superfish Menus for the EE CP

There’s a new extension available that makes it possible to use the Superfish drop-down menu plugin in the ExpressionEngine control panel.

You should install it on your copy of EE and give it a shot. The main navigation in the control panel no longer needs a click to open and Superfish includes hoverIntent functionality so the menus only open when they should.

Here’s a quick look at the normal EE menus vs the Superfish menus. EE menus are first. Take a look:

Posted on May 07, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EE Add-ons, EE Extensions, ExpressionEngine 2

Ryan Masuga11:49 on 05.07.2013

I think one of the biggest advantages of this add-on that isn’t really demonstrated in the above video is how hoverIntent makes the flyout menus more usable. Say your client has a long channel list. They have to go Content > Edit > Channel-Name. If the list is long, (even if it’s short) there are two flyout menus open, and if they mouse off the menus even one pixel, they disappear immediately. With a long menu, this is more frustrating as they have to go all the way back up and attempt to do it over again.

With Superfish/hoverIntent, there is a delay before the flyout menus disappear, so it is much more forgiving if the user mouses off the nested flyout menus.