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Patrick Pohler Builds an EE Add-on API

Patrick Pohler penned an article on Medium on how to easily add an API to your ExpressionEngine add-on.

Adding an API can help you add-on be more useful and flexible because it can connect to other systems, and allow developer to extend it without hacking the add-on code.

So how are external apps going to communicate to our ExpressionEngine add-on? We’ll need to make sure we can expose API methods that respond correctly to GET and POST requests.

Patrick continues with API code samples for his “Mission Tracker” A-team sample add-on, including a detailed code walk-thru. Very helpful!

Read the entire how-to article

Posted on Jul 29, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EE Add-ons

patrickpohler08:57 on 08.04.2014

Thanks mentioning my Ryan! I love EE Insider and I got a huge surprise this morning when I saw this post.

ryanirelan09:00 on 08.04.2014

No problem! As a coincidence, I came across your post about using Composer in EE add-on dev:…
Will link that up this week, too!