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No Follow in Member Profiles

Our fearless leader Ryan just sent me a great tip that Lisa Wess wrote on her blog about Member Profiles:

One of my favorite new features of ExpressionEngine 2 is that the member templates are run through the full template engine.  This means you can use add-on tags, channel entries tags, etc.  Anything you can use in a template, you can use in your member templates.

So, someone asked if one could use nofollow links automatically in EE. Yes, you can, using the NoFollow plugin.

I love tips like these. It totally makes sense, it’s easy to implement, and it makes me wonder why this didn’t occur to me before. Check out the rest of Lisa’s post for details about how to implement it.

Posted on Nov 08, 2010 by Brian Warren

Filed Under: EE Add-ons, EE Plugins, ExpressionEngine 2