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EECI 2010: E-commerce on EE

On Wednesday afternoon, Matt Weinberg of Vector Media Group gave a information-packed talk on everything (and I mean everything) you need to know about doing e-commerce and doing it on ExpressionEngine.

Matt didn’t talk about Simple Commerce Module or how to use PayPal but instead focused on more robust implementations of e-commerce. He talked about payment gateways, merchant accounts (including suggestions for merchant account providers), PCI Compliance and some EE-specific solutions.

Matt has made his slides available to all (ZIP file).

Posted on Jun 10, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: Conferences, EECI 2010, E-commerce

lebisol13:30 on 06.10.2010

Thanks for the slides, very informative.

A lot of hope goes to Cartthrob while I am surprised to read that FoxEE is not backed-up by good support considering they made the first jump. EEcommerce sort of disappeared into night…
Not to take away from Matt’s great compilation of info I wonder how fresh is this info since CartIgniter is also nowhere to be found.

At the end, there really isn’t a ‘great’ solution and if EE needs this much bending to enter commerce world then might as well just pick an application that is just a cart with a bit of content management.No?

Matt Weinberg15:25 on 06.10.2010


Thanks for your comment. The information here is very fresh; it was actually compiled in the last few weeks. “CartIgniter” is meant to be “ShopIgniter”—sorry about that! Their website is here:

I actually think all of the solutions listed are great. CartThrob and FoxEE aren’t “bending” EE at all—they’re great because, unlike “combining” EE with something like X-Cart, those solutions actually embrace EE and store product info in the native forms.


David08:34 on 06.11.2010

Thanks a lot for the slides I feel like I know a lot now, but in reality I don’t know that much because I’ve never built an online store.

I’m curious about you thoughts on Shopify? I here a lot of good things and noticed that is using it along with ee (I think). Have you ever used it or have any advice one way or another with that?

I’m definitely going to buy the dvd so I can see this presentation.

Thanks again.

Matt Weinberg11:02 on 06.11.2010


I think shopify is an excellent system. It’s a little different, though—it’s hosted. That leads to some plusses and some minuses, but it’s definitely something to consider.

I unfortunately don’t have a huge amount of personal experience with implementing Shopify stores, but everyone I know who uses them really likes it. I’m not sure that it would be super easy to integrate (in a “deep” rather than just “linking” way) with EE though.


lebisol13:17 on 06.14.2010

Thanks Matt,
Appreciate the follow up and the link.
I wish I was there so I could bug you with all these questions smile
Out of curiosity have you have experience with Jshop? - php script comes highly recommended.
I have to say I thought that X-cart is out of game…have not heard about them for a long time…then again, e-stores are not my main focus but I am fascinated with the process logic behind them.
All the best!

Matt Weinberg13:46 on 06.14.2010

Sorry, I’m not too familiar with JShop—one thing about the ecommerce world: there’s 10 million solutions for everything!

Good luck!

Fred Carlsen00:19 on 08.09.2010

Jshop is kind of similar to EE/Cartthrob combo, as it got it’s own template language, which makes it quite powerful/bendable. It got some shortcomings/problems, but is one of the easiest and best standalone cart systems i’ve worked with.

If you need an alternative outside of EE, you really should try it out.