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EE Insider Tips: View Files in 1.6.8

Alright ExpressionEngine devs, Jason Ferell has contributed a great tip for using view files in 1.6.8:

With EE 1.6.8, we now have the ability to use view files in modules and that’s great news for add-on developers. Recently I wanted to use view files for an extension I was developing but the EE docs don’t contain a way to do that. Specifically, I wanted to use view files for the extension settings form and for the contents of the publish tab for the extension. Here’s a snippet of how to use view files in a custom extension:

$DSP->body .= $DSP->view(PATH_EXT.'ext_widget/ext_settings.php'$varsTRUE); 

I created a folder called ext_widget to hold my view files, keeping the view file separated from other extension files.

Thanks to Jason for the great tip, and if you haven’t, add your own tip!

Posted on Dec 28, 2009 by Kenny Meyers

Filed Under: EE Insider Tips

David Millsaps13:25 on 12.28.2009

Jason is killing it consistently.  Love his geotools and from their polish I expect that he has many tricks.

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