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EE Insider Tip: Search EE Docs in Chrome

Mike Zens contributed a tip to the site about searching the EE docs right in the Chrome URL bar.

View the tip for the quick how-to, but here’s the payoff:

Now when you type the short alias (EE in my case) then space, add your query and it will search the EE Docs. Great way to save time while searching EE Docs, EE Forums, or whatever custom EE query you want to build.

Great idea!

Posted on Jul 07, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EE Insider Tips

Chad Crowell01:28 on 07.07.2011

I have the same type thing setup for Alfred as well:

Alfred > prefs > custom searches > + >

Search URL:{query}&

Title: EE User Guide Search

Keyword: eed (or choose your own)

mz9118413:47 on 07.07.2011

Chad -

Yea, that is where I stole my code from.  I was using Alfred but then saw you can do it in Chrome too.