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EE Developer Conversation

EE add-on developers Eric Lamb and Ben Croker have a message and some audio for you to listen to. They sat down on Skype, hit the Record button, and shared their thoughts about EECI and EE add-on development.

Hello EE folks,

Eric Lamb and Ben Croker here. Today we’re doing a bit of an experiment that we want to share with the community. From time to time the two of us talk over Skype about EE development, programming in general, and the industry as a whole (among other things). One day Ben came up with the idea to record our discussions with the idea being that we’d release a test to see if there’s any interest in the things 2 developers discuss. This is the result.

Now, this is just a discussion between 2 programmers about topics in the ExpressionEngine ecosystem. There are zero production values, don’t expect any theme music, an introduction, or even any sign off talk. To be frank, it is quite raw. Still, we think it’ll be interesting and entertaining at the least and show the perspective of two add-on developers when it comes to ExpressionEngine.

Lastly, we’d like to thank Ryan Irelan for allowing us to publish this on EE Insider and Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis for giving us their blessing on this experiment.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy it.

Ben Croker and Eric Lamb

Have a listen to their recording and be sure to give them feedback on Twitter.

Eric Lamb and Ben Croker’s EE Developer Conversation

Posted on Nov 02, 2012 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EE Add-ons

Natetronn01:59 on 11.03.2012

When’s the next one coming out?

Ben Croker05:46 on 11.03.2012

well as we said, and as you could probably make out from the minimal amount of editing, this really was just an experiment. if there’s enough interest then we’ll definitely consider doing some follow-ups!!

Dennis Frank06:29 on 11.05.2012

Thanks guys! That was an interesting conversation. And I really like the rawness of it. Please go on with it!