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Disable Template Editing in CP

Jesse Bunch describes a problem that you’ve probably faced before. You have a great workflow set up with Git, SVN or another VCS and then someone goes into the EE Control Panel and edits the templates, completely bypassing the workflow.

Obviously, this is a huge problem because our production severs don’t commit changes back to the repository for obvious reasons. So when someone edits a template on the production server, nobody knows it happened and when we deploy a change to that template, it is very likely that the change will be lost or our working copy will become out of sync (depending on how we deploy the project).

To help fix this problem, Jesse created an extension that disables the template editor in the Control Panel.

This extension makes the templates and template groups in EE read-only. It doesn’t affect things like synchronization, PHP input/output parsing, and access control.

You can get the extension at Devot-ee. It’s only available for EE2 right now (although a EE1 version is planned) and is free to download.

Posted on Nov 16, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EE Add-ons, EE Extensions