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Devot-ee Offers Timed Downloads & Changes Revenue Share

Ryan Masuga gave a sort of State of the State of Devot-ee & EE Add-on Development today on the website’s blog.

He introduced two major changes to how Devot-ee operates:

  • Add-on sellers will be able to impose a download time limit on all purchases.
  • Devot-ee is moving to a 70/30 revenue split with sellers.

Both make sense to me.

The timed downloads help address the ongoing support issue for add-ons. Effectively, a customer can purchase the add-on once and then the developers are on the hook for support for, well, forever.

The developers’ only recourse for recouping their time spent on add-on development is to release a paid upgrade version. They still have to support 1.0 of an add-on that is on 5.0. Not sustainable. Devot-ee is giving them a tool to try to help.

The revenue share is between add-on developers and Devot-ee. If you deem it too steep (it’s not), then you are not obligated to sell. Some add-on developers make the choice to sell add-ons exclusively on their own. Some others make the choice to sell exclusively through Devot-ee.

There was a good series of conversations on Twitter today about this. I am preserving as many as possible using Storify before they disappear into the dark canyons of Twitter.

Before you chime in, hear Ryan out. Read his post here.

Posted on Oct 03, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EE Add-ons