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Ryan Irelan - The Greatest Show on Earth

EECI 2012 is underway! And it’s off to a great start.

Ryan Irelan started the day off and talked about the circus that is the ExpressionEngine community.

The point of this talk was to promote the awesome that is the ExpressionEngine community.

Ryan makes an important point that I completely agree with:

As a community, be it through client services, add-ons, training, conferences, or whatever we do, we create great things and charge money that support the economy surrounded by ExpressionEngine.

There is an economy surrounded around ExpressionEngine, and it’s affected by each and everyone of us. So keep making awesome!

Our community’s goal is focused on creating a great and flexible CMS.

Ryan showcased great members of the community including:

  • Kurt Deutscher - Sustainable business model built around Non-profit organizations.
  • Ryan Masuga - Devot:ee.
  • Eric Lamb - add-on developer.
  • Mark Croxton - the black magic that is Stash (and SwitchEE).
  • Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis - EE Podcast
  • E-commerce solutions - Cartthrob, Brilliant Retail, Store.

In conclusion Ryan ended with these points.

Go build it. Do great work. Don’t worry about anything else.

Stay tuned for more EECI updates.

Posted on Oct 15, 2012 by Kyle Cotter

Filed Under: Conferences, EECI 2012