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MojoMotor Details

So, yesterday everyone was anticipating an announcement about EE 2 (which we got) but there was a big surprise, too: MojoMotor.

This new, lightweight content management system from EllisLab places them squarely in the same space as offerings like Perch. During the initial announcement EllisLab’s Derek Allard didn’t offer many details other than a preview video (which you can watch on the MojoMotor website) but later held an impromptu in-between session to answer more questions and share more information.

So, here are some details:

  • MojoMotor will cost $49 US per license
  • PHP 5+ is required
  • Can run on either MySQL or SQLite3 databases(great news!)
  • Requires a “modern” browser: Firefox 3+, Safari 4+, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8.
  • You can import a MojoMotor site into EE 2 if you need to upgrade to a more robust solution.
  • Uses a similar tag syntax as EE

There is still no word on when the new CMS will be available as beta or final release. Hopefully EllisLab will be releasing some more information soon.

To learn more about MojoMotor, you should check out the MojoMotor User Guide.

Posted on Jun 02, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: Conferences, EECI 2010, EllisLab, MojoMotor

Mike03:59 on 06.03.2010

Definitely sounds interesting. Any word on if you get a discount on the EE license if you upgrade from MM?

Mark @ Alchemy United15:15 on 06.03.2010

I love EE as much as the next geek. Great product. Great community. Etc. What’s not to love?

But if I recall correctly, EE2 took about an extra year to release. And as a matter of fact, it’s still in public beta.

Maybe EL should slow down just a bit before adding more fuel to their fire?

Susan A. Kitchens17:24 on 06.03.2010

I asked about the discount at #EECI2010, and we were told, no, no upgrade from MM to EE discount.

Craig Allen18:55 on 06.03.2010

Great! I’ve had a number of small projects that I have waved because EE was overkill, the client was poverty stricken, and I haven’t got my head around any other more appropriate CMS.

MojoMotor is what they needed. But now comments here have put me onto Perch and Unity which are equally suited (particularly Unity which is really neat and is only US$25).

The benefit of MojoMotor is it’s upgradability to EE.

I hope MojoMotor’s front-end editing capability will one day be put into EE.