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ExpressionEngine 2 Week: Control Panel Screencast

Join Ryan as he gives a brief, exclusive tour of the new ExpressionEngine 2.0 Phase 2 Beta Control Panel. We have received special permission from EllisLab to publish this screencast for the community. Please note: EE 2.0 is not yet released so what you see in this video may change for the final release.

Download the full size video.

Posted on Oct 27, 2009 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: ExpressionEngine 2, ExpressionEngine 2 Week

aeran04:37 on 10.27.2009

Nice! Not much difference in terms of workflow compared to 1.6.x; which is a good thing.

I hope you’ll provide a preview of new features available in EE2.0.

Ray Brown04:45 on 10.27.2009

Thanks, Ryan!  I’m digging the new file manager, the new navigation, and…well…everything else too.  It sounds like EE2 will be quite exceptional.

Scott McCracken05:22 on 10.27.2009

Thanks for the exclusive tour, really impressive! I’m especially impressed with the file manager and image editing capabilities. I have one question: do those image tools require any 3rd party PHP image extensions be installed on your server, or is the functionality built in? Thanks, Ryan - keep the tours coming!

Mike Mella05:50 on 10.27.2009

This is great, thanks Ryan. 

I would, however, take issue with some of the label names that EllisLab has chosen to use within the control panel:

At the 10:50 mark, in the “Edit image” panel, the buttons are labeled “Edit Image” and “Done”.  Apparently “Edit Image” is the one that commits your changes.  That’s not very intuitive.  I’ll bet a lot of users will click “Done”, which probably takes them out of the Edit section altogether.  They should be respectively labeled something like “Apply” and “Finished Editing”.

Also at 11:50, the area that shows exiting uploaded files is labeled “Main Upload”.  They’ve removed the old label, “File Browser”.  So your options there are “Upload File” and “Main Upload”...I already know that will confuse *all* of my clients. 

I guess that means that for each site I make, I’ll have to create a new upload folder labeled “File Browser” and make that the default upload folder.

mirkob06:02 on 10.27.2009

look good!
does the body filed use a wysiwyg visualization mode?

Kyle Batson06:14 on 10.27.2009

I agree with Mike’s comments above. I had a similar reaction to some of the labels, hope it’s not too hard to change.

Jim08:10 on 10.27.2009

Thanks so much for this Ryan.  For those of us who have to wait until December, this is a great thing to see.

Ira Siegel13:35 on 10.27.2009

Wow, love the new File Manager. Sweet. Thanks for the highlights screencast.

Aaron Martin15:10 on 10.30.2009

I’ve been using EE for a few years, on dozens of projects of various sizes and complexity. I’m happy with EE and what it can help me accomplish as a web designer. I’ll still be using EE in the near future, as far as I can tell.

All that said, the 2.0 CP looks like absolute ass. It looks like it was designed for 16 year olds updating their Tumblr blogs. I don’t find it to be enterprise level or professional at all.

Aaron Martin15:22 on 10.30.2009

The inline file manager is gladly welcomed.

leroy Lyne17:18 on 10.30.2009

Thanks again, Ryan looking forward to your new screen casts, I downloaded this one.

The CP is a little bit on the colorful side. A little dumbed down, I guess to pull off a word press kind of simplicity but they might run the risk of upsetting loyal ee customers who don’t want ee become wordpress, some people make their living for ee’s complexity.

ee-fan17:54 on 10.30.2009

It would have been nice to see you actually use the editor and insert the image… Sounds like there is no WYSIWYG and therefor file manager is sort of…useless when it comes to content. Ability to ‘focus on content’ by expanding the content entry field also not very useful if you have train the users to ‘ignore’ html tags…Who wants or write or read conent with html tags???
Common tell me this is not true? downer

James16:42 on 11.03.2009

i’m a little disappointed that there isn’t more in the way of innovation in the control panel. it looks basically like the old one with more flashy jquery effects. a lot of the workflow and process does not seem to have changed at all!

they have lagged so far behind in offering a good way to manage static and dynamic content types. i wish they would have taken some inspiration from the structure module. it looks so much easier for clients to understand! everything is laid out so simply. i haven’t used it personally just because of the fact that it is not native and ends up overriding some EE features and is not compatible with others. i was hoping to see some work put in that to make it more user friendly for clients.

Ted02:22 on 11.21.2009

I’m not a EE’s user but it looks to me that there are a lot of problems in usability in that interface. For example, on the main page we have “Create” panel and there for example “Entry”. That’s just fine. But what about the menu above? Content -> Publish -> Site (??) and that moves us to the “New Entry” form?? What the hell? What does “Site” mean here? What’s the connection between “Create -> Entry” and “Content -> Publish -> Site”?