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EECI 2010: How Erskine Rolls with EE

One of the highlights of the EECI conference for me was Jamie Pittock’s (Erskine Design) presentation on “How Erskine Rolls” when developing websites on ExpressionEngine. His talk was packed—from beginning to end— with great EE development tips and a bit of the funny for which the Erskine crew is known.

Jamie made his slides and materials available for download; he even included a sample path.php file, config.php file and some template components. There could be a book written on the material Jamie presented, so it’s worth your time to go through the slides and follow along (even better, you should buy the EECI 2010 DVD that should include Jamie’s talk).

How Erskine Rolls with ExpressionEngine (ZIP file)

Mr. Pittock, my hat is off to you.

Posted on Jun 08, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: Conferences, EECI 2010, Deployment, Development Tools

Kenny Meyers15:32 on 06.08.2010

It really was one of the best talks of the conference.

Marcel23:26 on 06.08.2010

Thanks for the slides, I was also very inspired by Jamie’s talk at EECI 2009!

Fred Carlsen13:53 on 06.09.2010

Looking muchly forward to the DVD!

Lea10:04 on 06.10.2010

One of my fave talks, too. Glad to the have access to the presentation assets.

Ryan Masuga08:27 on 06.13.2010

I agree that this was one of the best talks at the conference.

Phil Sturgeon04:38 on 06.14.2010

I’m annoyed I missed it, I’ll be looking forward to seeing the DVD!

e-man04:46 on 06.14.2010

Looking forward to checking this out on the DVD, if it’s as good as Jamie’s talk at EECI2009 it’s will have been worth the purchase for this talk alone.

Steven Grant04:09 on 06.23.2010

Waiting on the eeci dvd arriving but was really inspired with Jamie’s slides. Just about to start a new EE project and wanted to use this approach. However, not sure of what order to do things?

Install EE on live, download to dev, change config files…or…should the config files be done first, then upload etc etc.

Any help from those who were there would be grand. Not sure when my DVD will arrive.

Ryan Irelan04:12 on 06.23.2010

Steven, I can’t speak for how Jamie does it but I install EE locally first and go from there. That’s just the natural flow of my workflow (local->dev->production).

Steven Grant04:17 on 06.23.2010

Thanks Ryan - I suppose all you’d be promoting through the workflow is the templates and syncing the db? I’m guessing template groups and prefs are stored in the db?

Wes Baker06:45 on 07.26.2010

How have you gone about using different databases depending on the environment in EE2?

Steven Grant06:51 on 07.26.2010

@Wes - I’d imagine you can edit the database.php file to say if on server x use this include, etc etc.

Steven Grant06:56 on 07.26.2010

@Wes - should say I’ve not done anything like this for 2.1 yet - only 1.6