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EE Help Chat Redux

The friendly folks at Solspace and EngineHosting have taken the embers I left behind and rekindled the EE Help Chat. Solspace made the announcement today:

Starting this Wednesday January 16th the EE Help Chat, previously sponsored by EngineHosting and EE Insider, will be sponsored by EngineHosting and Solspace. We’ll be making a slight change in time. The chat will occur at 4:30 EST in the hopes that most of the US can attend before heading home for the day. We will be posting a more permanent landing page along with transcripts shortly. For this week, just check this blog post for the link to the chat a few minutes before it’s newly scheduled time.

Mitchell was kind enough to ask my permission to proceed with this (he didn’t have to at all; he is always the gentleman) and I’m glad that someone else has taken the chat over and will continue it.

Note that the chat is now at 4:30 Eastern time (US), so you can cruise the chatroom while milking that last hour or two of work.

Posted on Jan 14, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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Euan05:00 on 01.15.2013

Great news about the time change as this will allow us Europeans to participate as well at a sensible time given it will only be 9.30/10.30pm.