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Boyink on Binh

Or is it Binh on Boyink?

Either way, earlier in June Mike Boyink and his family were featured on the Tom Binh blog about their traveling RV lifestyle.

The Boyinks downsized and began a year-long odyssey traveling the country, towing a fifth wheel. Within that first year, they decided to sell their house and make the road their home for the foreseeable future. The family has chronicled their path to full-time travel on their blog, which they author collaboratively.

This is a great read for the lessons learned and how a shift in perspective (and environment) can help you realize what you really need.

It’s a huge paradigm shift. We are so ingrained in a consumer culture that when you try to remove that goal of stuff ownership people don’t know what to do.

Mike maintains his EE consulting work and training business while on the road.

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Posted on Jul 07, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

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