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Derek Allard on MojoMotor

Soon, I hope to have an interview about MojoMotor with Derek posted but until I can get him the questions and his responses, we’ll settle for this interesting nugget from his personal blog:

Mojo is something that I’ve been working on since around Christmas last year, and its been nearly everything I’ve been up to professionally for 5 months. Anyone who’s watched my keynote at EECI2009 knows that I’m a “social coder”. I crave community; and I consider nerding-out with other people to be foundational to the way I work. Keeping Mojo under wraps for 5 months has been killing me! I want to share, I want to say “hey, check out this cool thing I’ve been doing”, but we decided very early on that we wanted Mojo to come as a total surprise. Now that its out there, I’m glad we did.

Response to the news of Mojo has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m really hopeful that people will end up loving it as much as they love CodeIgniter and ExpressionEngine. I few secret tidbits that not many people know about MojoMotor:

  • MojoMotor was a name that Rick grabbed years ago. He just liked the sound of it. As I was developing MojoMotor it started out with a much different name, but it was quickly apparent that “MojoMotor” was the right name for the little CMS.
  • “The publishing engine that does less…” and the concept for the logo both came about in less then 3 minutes during a Skype call between me and Rick.
  • Other parts of the software that I expected to come quickly took WEEKS. Funny how that works.
  • The graphic artist who helped us along was Ilina Simeonova. She did stellar work, and her dedication to a project that she had little invested in was inspiring.

As I posted previously, there is no release date set and the final product will cost $49.95 US per license.

Posted on Jun 07, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

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