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Christopher Imrie - Blows Our Mind

So, Christopher Imrie just blew our minds, to say the least.

The typical project setup for Moresoda is something along the following:

  • Default EE Install
  • Git Version Controlled
  • Customized Config
  • Beanstalk with 3 Environments

Chris mentions that in development, features are created from the dev server, pushed to the staging server, and then to production. But, in terms of content, the flow is reversed.

Chris highlighted 5 typical ways to keep databases in sync:

  1. Duplicate the DB on each environment
  2. Migrate entire DB after each environment file updates
  3. Migrate relevant DB tables
  4. Staging and production server share the same DB
  5. Update the production server first, then migrate the DB downwards

Well, today Chris introduced a sixth way to handle content across environments.

Site Manager solves many of our problems.

Site Manager gives you the ability to see all your sites, view configuration information, and best of all, sync content structure between sites.

It’s literally a one click process for taking fields from your local dev install, and transferring them to production.

Site Manager Alpha will be live today, for free.

Update: Chris has posted the alpha to github.

Posted on Oct 15, 2012 by Kyle Cotter

Filed Under: Conferences, EECI 2012