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Brad Parscale on Solspace Podcast

Mitchell Kimbrough has been doing an informal podcast with some of people in the EE community. He started with a conversation with Matt Weinberg of Vector Media Group and then continued on with a few more.

The most recent show, a one-hour conversation with Brad Parscale of Giles-Parscale and the operator of the ExpressionEngine Conference in Portland this year, is a favorite of mine. If you attended EECI last Fall here in Texas then you probably saw Brad give his excellent talk on how he runs his business. This podcast with Mitchell is a conversational version of that talk plus more. It’s a nice look into how Brad sets himself up to succeed with ExpressionEngine.

Brad Parscale and I talk at length in this podcast about his acquisition of EECI, the ExpressionEngine ® conference. Listen as he schools me on staffing, business strategy, finding ways to make more money, and most interestingly, avoiding hardcore software development work as a way to avoid losing money.

This is a must-listen for everyone trying to do business with and around ExpressionEngine.

Listen to the conversation.

Posted on May 31, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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