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Ask The Readers: What are you looking forward to most in EE 2.0 and why?

Ask the ReadersWell, ExpressionEngine 2 week is coming to its close. We’ve given you a lot of information, once held behind the ironclad gates of EllisLab, and interviews-a-plenty. We’d really like to thank everyone who helped us with content this week. Our interviewees: Veerle Pieters, Leslie Camacho, Brandon Kelly, Rick Ellis, Lisa Wess and Derek Jones. This is a really busy time for all of them and they all stepped up to help us out and provide some great information for you. So now that we have their input, we’d like yours:

What are you looking forward to most in EE 2 and why?

Thanks for all your great comments this week, and we’ll see you again next week, resuming our normal schedule.

Posted on Oct 30, 2009 by Kenny Meyers

Filed Under: Ask the Readers, ExpressionEngine 2, ExpressionEngine 2 Week

Jason Morehead11:08 on 10.30.2009

Well, if you’re talking about just ExpressionEngine, then I’m really excited about the integrated file management, which looks to be light-years ahead of what’s available now. And I’m also excited about the FieldFrame integration. FieldFrame has become an indispensable tool for me, so I’m glad to see it become part of the actual system.

Beyond just EE, I’m curious to see what the CodeIgniter community is going to bring to EE. I’ve done a little dabbling with CI, back when it first came out, which was actually before I had started using EE, and was really impressed with it. I’m eager to see what real PHP developers will bring to EE via CI.

Wes Baker11:08 on 10.30.2009

Applying the MVC mindset to addons and having the flexibility of CodeIgniter will make creating addons easier and faster.

bluedreamer12:15 on 10.30.2009

First I have to say thank you for a superb weeks worth of posts to read.

For me the integration of the new fieldtypes as a standard feature will make a lot of things so much easier, especially the file upload fieldtype.

The other thing is the CI integration - I’m looking forward to CI developers creating lots of useful addons [cough] better shopping cart [cough] smile

Jim Arment12:20 on 10.30.2009

I’m excited about the new interface design for the control panel.

Most of my clients don’t have techy people working for them, so the new design should make it easier handing over the reings to their site.

I’m also excited about learning CI. I’m gonna try and build some kind of app on CI to integrate with EE. And see where that takes me.

Exciting times ahead. Thanks for the great articles this week.

Sean Sperte12:46 on 10.30.2009

The new template management features (just ‘announced’ via EE Insider): file detection, support for different file extensions, validation, etc.

Ben Carlson13:18 on 10.30.2009

Even though I haven’t seen a demo, hoping the in-template tag validation is awesome, ‘cause I don’t have all the syntax memorized all the time. =) And the file manager looks sweet

Sean Smith15:51 on 10.30.2009

New template detection, file manager and code igniter integration - I may not know how to code php or ignite it, but I do know that this will be a very exciting time for add-ons.

I believe there are a couple of code igniter ecommerce apps around - hopefully they will be able to integrate with EE2.0

John Faulds16:14 on 10.30.2009


Erik Reagan19:10 on 10.30.2009

Personally I am excited about the new innovation that will come over the next 6 to 12 months. The CI community is actually where I started though I spend most of my efforts in EE these days. There are some fabulous developers in the CI community who will now have an entirely new market. It is my hope that they are able to leverage this new opportunity and produce some fantastic commercial products.

The same goes for EE Add-on developers. They/We will now be more immersed in the CI world and that is a great thing (it’s the best PHP framework after all). I see so much opportunity here on both sides so I am looking forward most to the collaborative efforts of both communities that are on the horizon.

Liam Crean03:09 on 10.31.2009

Well, unless I’m wrong, EE2 includes a fully featured e-commerce tool?

That will answer so many of my clients questions it’s untrue.

Kenny Meyers08:54 on 11.01.2009


<blockquote>Well, unless I

Liam10:35 on 11.01.2009

Ah, balls! I was under the impression simple commerce was getting an overhaul to include a cart + mixed payment processor. There are plugin, but none comprehensive…

Marcus Neto11:40 on 11.01.2009

@liam no news on the SCM getting a overhaul but have you seen this?

CI already has full fledged Shopping Cart solutions that are just a step away from being integrated with EE.