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Pro Network Relaunches

Hey pros! Are you in the new Pro Network?

It soft relaunched today after being shuttered by EllisLab 8 months ago.

The new Pro Network currently features 93 ExpressionEngine professionals who have demonstrated they meet the minimum requirements. The Pro Network isn’t currently open for new members but you can review the rules and guidelines for inclusion in the network.

A Professional Network listing is available to those engaged in full-time web development who have a minimum of one year experience utilizing ExpressionEngine, or that have provided targeted products and services for ExpressionEngine for at least one year.

Unlike past years, you don’t have to prove that you have completed a specific number of websites in EE but only that the “majority of your work comes from ExpressionEngine.” That would be hard to measure and, for some larger companies, near impossible to meet (unless the goal is to keep the Pro Network filled with smaller shops).

There is now a cost to join the Pro Network: $40 for freelancers and $100 for organizations. Is that enough of a barrier of entry for only the most serious? If the Pro Network is successful at driving qualified leads then I think it could and should command 10x that price.

All in all, great to have the Pro Network back!

Posted on Jul 30, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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