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ExpressionEngine 3 on Developer Preview 7

Today EllisLab released DP7, the developer preview of ExpressionEngine 3.

One of our fastest builds yet, with just two days worth of fixes. Continuing to chase down bugs and stabilize all parts of the application.

You can read the notes for all of their releases on the blog the EE3 releases are only for developers right now.

Back in July they wrote:

The three goals for the upcoming developer preview are to modernize, stabilize, and move forward.

This includes a responsive control panel, proper data models, removal of CodeIgniter, unit tests, and more.

All of this leads them to their goal to move forward:

These foundational changes all work in concert to move ExpressionEngine forward. Some are visible to end users, some are invisible. All allow us to iterate faster and to remove legacy code while being confident that there are no regressions. The benefit for everyone is continuous improvement and new functionality on a more regular basis. Whereas ExpressionEngine 2.0 was something of a monolithic release, ExpressionEngine 3.0 is a base that will evolve continuously and rapidly. We have big ideas for ExpressionEngine, and this will enable us to deliver them without setting finish lines years apart.

Posted on Aug 18, 2015 by Ryan Irelan

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