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EE in the Wild: Real Time Genomics

Bold, a studio based in central coast California (which would, perhaps, also be referred to as “paradise”) recently launched a new ExpressionEngine-powered website for Real Time Genomics, a genome analytics company.

Screenshot of Real Time Genomics website by Bold

From Bold’s portfolio:

Amazing wouldn’t be a strong enough word to describe what Real Time Genomics is doing. They are on the forefront of analyzing raw data for leading biological researchers. When they approached Bold about bringing their website up to par with their work, we jumped at the opportunity. RTG had a complete skeleton for a site and we dove in to produce new wireframes, design and ultimately a finished site powered by our favorite CMS, ExpressionEngine. We’re super proud with how this one turned out.

Read about the project or visit the live site.

Posted on Aug 20, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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