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EE 2.4 Released

Today EllisLab released ExpressionEngine 2.4. All of the details are carefully laid out in a blog post but here’s the executive summary:

  • 80 bug fixes
  • Faster Control Panel
  • Better “Remember Me” functionality “optimized for multiple sites and/or devices”
  • File Manager Improvements
    • Sorting and filtering by keywords
    • Category editor now includes file browser for the category image
    • Increased security to files via the browser
    • Credit and location metadata editable through file modal
    • Watermark files without resizing
  • Development Updates
    • Hidden configuration variable for file upload paths (yay!)
    • third_party_path configuration variable added
    • New Developer log to view warnings on depracated functions
    • File field library so developers can use the file browser in their own add-ons
    • Pagingation library improved and simplified.
    • New Hooks: deleting members, modifying template data, defining template types, pulling in rows for content edit page.
    • Two new constants: URL_THEMES_THIRD and PATH_THEMES_THIRD so users can customize where the third party folders live (yay!).

View the changelog for the entire list of bug fixes, feature additions and improvements.

Posted on Jan 24, 2012 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EllisLab, ExpressionEngine 2

Jeremiah Rich08:57 on 01.25.2012

I suppose I should have waited

Emmanuel12:21 on 01.25.2012

I don’t quite get it. How come EllisLab isn’t working closely with on of the major provider of add-ons for #eecms in order to insure users maximum compatibility? Is there a problem regarding relations between these 2 companies? Is EllisLab acting as Apple, pushing innovations while disregarding third-parties that cannot follow the pace? OK, for now it appears the problem isn’t (perhaps) on EllisLab’s side. But follow my advice: never ever upgrade expressionengine on the few hours following a release…

Derek Jones12:45 on 01.25.2012

EllisLab definitely works closely with Solspace and other third party developers for releases.  We have a developer preview program that all major add-on developers participate in, and all had access to 2.4.0 in its current state a few weeks ago, so I’m hoping these are edge case anomalies.  Please let the support team at EllisLab know of any issues you are encountering with add-on compatibility.  If there is a shortcoming in our process that your issue identifies for us, that feedback will help us remedy it.

Jeremiah Rich11:28 on 01.27.2012

The problems I experienced we’re expected; and I had a complete, easy to revert to backup just in case. Mainly wanted to alert anyone using the Solspace plugins. From what I understand from a post from their forum, this was a small last minute issue the came up. Their plugins are almost always rock solid, so this was an anomaly. Fortunately they released a new version quickly.

Bryan Goans12:37 on 03.10.2012

The meek shall inherit our planet, however, not its mineral rights.
A budget informs us what we can’t afford, but it doesn’t stop us from buying it.

James Randall23:45 on 06.19.2012

I remembered that this particular update that allowed template data to be modified was quite useful. The various updates of EE always make the engine so much better to use.