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CTRL+CLICK CAST: Pursuing Your Passion Practically with Beth Dean

“Follow your passion.” Great advice, but not always practical. Especially when you have responsibilities like family to support and bills to pay. For the first episode of 2015, special guest Beth Dean joins CTRL+CLICK to share her experiences following her passion as an illustrator, while still paying the bills as a product designer for Facebook.

We talk about passion in what you do for a living vs. passions that don’t pay the bills, as well as the importance of self-reflection in not only finding your passion but sustaining it. Beth also explains how critical time management is to ensure balance between passion and practical responsibilities. And she’s our guinea pig, answering a brand new set of rapidfire questions. Tune in now!

Thanks to Visual Chefs for sponsoring this episode!

Posted on Jan 15, 2015 by CTRL+CLICK CAST