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CTRL+CLICK CAST: Improving Diversity in Tech

No matter who you are or whether you realize it, diversity (or lack of) affects you. Just look at the news from Silicon Valley any day of the week, and it is clear our web/tech industry struggles with diversity. Which is why we need to talk about it.

For the latest CTRL+CLICK CAST, diversity advocates Ashe Dryden and Faruk Ateş join the show to offer their perspectives on ways to improve diversity in tech. We discuss the difference between diversity and inclusion, why both remain a challenge for tech companies and the tech community, and things we can each do to affect change for the better. Ashe offers suggestions for companies and the community as a whole to become more empathetic and aware. Faruk talks about ways to make tech events and conferences more diverse, from an organizer, speaker and attendee perspective. And our entire conversation draws parallels with the challenges of embracing accessibility in design and development.

Tune in now! Thanks to EllisLab for sponsoring this episode!

Posted on Apr 23, 2015 by CTRL+CLICK CAST