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The Tools I Use - TextMate EE Bundle and Color Theme

Earlier this week, Eric posted to the PragProg EE Screencast forum asking about how I get the EE tags to be color coded in TextMate in the ExpressionEngine training videos. I realized that I never explicitly mentioned this and want to now for those who use Macs and TextMate. It might make it even easier to follow along with the screencasts if our code matches colors.

I use the very nice EE TextMate Bundle by Chris Ruzin along with the BBEdit theme for TextMate (Download) and Inconsolata fixed-width font.

After installing everything, you’ll need to switch to the Inconsolata font from the Preferences window. With a document open, select ExpressionEngine from the drop-down at the bottom of the window.


Update: I neglected to mention that I also use the Missing Drawer plugin for TextMate that changed the drawer into a window pane. Thanks to Kevin in the PragProg forums for the catch.

Posted on Dec 04, 2008

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