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How to Find an ExpressionEngine Freelancer

Recently on Twitter someone wondered aloud how he could find freelancers that do ExpressionEngine work. It’s really not that hard and there are a few different ways to go about it. Let’s run through them quickly so you can be on your way to finding the person you need.

These tips will help you find an ExpressionEngine professional, not just a freelancer. Some of the professionals you’ll find are agencies (larger and small), not individuals.

ExpressionEngine Pro Network

While it could be so much more, the ExpressionEngine Pro Network is still a solid and reliable place to start your search. The list of freelancers and agencies have all been vetted by EllisLab. To gain admittance to the Network you have to demonstrate some knowledge of ExpressionEngine, show completed projects and generally be professional.

There is no cost to be part of the Pro Network, so this is not paid placement. Use the Pro Network listing as your first source for leads.


A website built by EE community members, Director-ee is self-described as “The ExpressionEngine Community at Your Fingertips.” It’s a voluntary directory of people in the EE community, including those with full-time jobs using ExpressionEngine and freelancers. You can view developer profiles, search for a certain skill set or even post a job.

Personal Referrals

Always the best but the hardest to get, personal referrals can also help you find the ExpressionEngine professional you’re looking for. If you contact a professional (found via other means) and they are unavailable for the work you need done, ask them for a referral to someone they know (and, most importantly, trust). In my experience these types of referrals lead to great relationships.

Twitter #eecms tag

Every day, from Alabama to Austraila, ExpressionEngine developers of all shades of experience share information, tips, tricks, ideas and more on Twitter. They mark their conversations using the #eecms hash tag. If you’re familiar with Twitter, you can set up a search for that hashtag and follow along. Thi s is a nice way of finding other EE professionals that may be able to help you or ask questions.

Search the #eecms hash tag now

ExpressionEngine Meetups

Within the last year an increasing number of EE meetups take place each month across the US (and world). Groups of EE professionals (and novices) gather together to share information, talk shop and socialize. If you’re looking for a local professional, you might consider searching for a meetup in your area and reaching out to the members or meetup organizer.


It’s not the best place to start but a google search is a good way to get some more potential professionals to add to your list. Savvy EE professionals will also be good at optimizing their websites to the keywords you will use to find them.

Email EllisLab

If you really, really cannot find what you’re looking for, you can–as a last resort–email EllisLab (the makers of ExpressionEngine) directly and ask for further help. They will most likely point you to the Pro Network, but sometimes special cases require their help. Be assured, they want you and your EE-powered website to succeed, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

By choosing ExpressionEngine for your project, you automatically gain access to a large but closeknit community of designers and developers who specialize in ExpressionEngine. We are very proud of our community and certain that you’ll find the person you need to get the job done.

Posted on Dec 05, 2011

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