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Getting Started with Git and Github

If you’re looking into implementing version control (what’s version control? A Visual Guide to Version Control) in your workflow, there are a few options out there. A popular and solid choice is Subversion (SVN), a free system that has one main repository on a centrally located server. It’s a great system and I use it for some of my personal projects and it’s our version control system for Airbag projects. Last summer I wrote about Subversion, and how it can improve how you collaborate on project, for A List Apart magazine.

A newer player is Git, a free and distributed version control system that doesn’t require a centrally located repository since the entire history of revisions are stored with each local copy. If you’re new to using version control, Git may be a great place to start. It’s easy to install on OS X, Windows or Linux and, if you need it, there’s a great repository hosting service called GitHub (you can find me and some of my EE add-ons on GitHub, too).

I’ve compiled a special EE Insider list of resources that will be helpful in learning more about Git and implementing it into your development workflow.

The Basics
Installing Git
Digging In

Feel free to share any Git resources you may have bookmarked!

Posted on Mar 30, 2009

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