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Copyright Date

  • Posted by Jonathan Longnecker
  • May 29, 2009

Easy way to make sure your copyright date is always up to date:

&copy{current_time format="%Y"
Bridget14:04 on 05.31.2009

Thanks. I just put this into a site I’m building.

Sean Smith16:00 on 06.01.2009

If you want your date to have a range and also show only 1 year if the site hasn’t been around for longer than a year then, you should enable php and set to output on the template and then add this code.

$currentyear date("Y");

    if (
$startyear == $currentyear)
echo "&copy; $startyear your name\n";

echo "&copy; $startyear - $currentyear  your name\n";

Andrew Gunstone16:32 on 09.08.2009

Hi Sean (and others).  Rather then turning on PHP for a template (as it has some security implications), you can use some of the wonderful EE tags to do the same thing…

© Copyright {if {current_time format=”%Y”} != “2009”}2009 - {/if} {current_time format=”%Y”}

Hope that this helps someone!


karlosb04:00 on 10.06.2009

Hi Andrew,

I have just tried using:

Brian09:16 on 06.09.2010


The problem with your code is that your quotation marks are curly quotes. They need to be straight quotes.

I use this format too, except I substitute > for != as the operator.